Faith Studio is where I get to do what I love! I get to help other artists. I get to create music. I get to blend instruments and voices, to shape sounds and make something beautiful. It’s a privilege to work with you from start to finish, whether it is a full project, a track or a demo.

Randy Nichols

Owner - Engineer

Faith Studio¬†is housed inside of Faith Baptist Church in Kings Mountain, NC. It has been like a second home to Randy and his wife, Amy, since 2012; when a stop through concert turned into revival and a second family.¬† Many of Appointed2’s top radio singles have been written within these walls. A few were even recorded here. It’s an anointed place to be and we are excited to share it with others.

A huge thank you to Pastor James and Patricia Robbins for their love and support. Thank you to everyone in the church for allowing us room to create Faith Studio.